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UFOs and Volcanoes

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UFOs and Volcanoes

Post by Professor Higgins on Sun May 03, 2015 9:54 pm

Has anyone noticed the preponderance of UFOs reported around volcanoes? I certainly have so I thought I'd post it here (even if my last post went over like a lead balloon)

In mid April of this year the Calbuco volcano, Chile, spectacularly erupted after half a century of inactivity.

On the 22nd of April it ejected a powerful column of ash several kilometers high, causing the cancellation of flights from nearby cities both in Chile and Argentina.

The volcano is located in the popular tourist area of Lagos, 900 km south of Santiago, and the eruption happened at the same time as another volcano in the Chile, Villarica, was also erupting. The Chilean government declared a state of emergency in nearby towns, which means that the military took control in these locations, said Interior Minister Rodrigo Peñailillo.


Below is a video that quite clearly shows what appears to be a pair of stationary luminous spheres in the volcano’s vicinity. It is known that it cannot be one of our aircraft such as airplanes or helicopters because of the flight exclusion zone, apart from the fact that the object has no commercial aircraft lights.

This is part of a curious trend of UFOs in the vicinity of volcanoes. No one knows why this is, but there are a large number of reports that, to me, indicates some sort of correlation between seismic activity such as tremors and earthquakes of different magnitudes and the appearance of stationary or moving balls of light and UFOs. These have been both photographed and filmed. One of the most interesting is from a Discovery Channel camera that was recording a documentary in Mexico.

The sheer number of cases of UFOs in the vicinity of volcanoes (extinct, inactive or active) is alarming. One of which I mention here is the volcano in Iceland with an unpronounceable name, Eyjafjallajokull, where, on March 30, 2010, objects were filmed.

This clearly cannot be treated as a normal aircraft, because the light deliberately enters the pyroclastic smoke, which would bring down any known aircraft, clogging the engines with heavy, abrasive ash. And I won’t even mention the absurd speed of the light that suddenly comes from nowhere and parks on the edge of the cone of ash and gases.

On 18/04/2010 another object appeared, this time a gigantic V-shaped object appeared partially hidden in the column of ash rising from the volcano and was filmed by TV cameras.

Another volcano where there have been countless reports of unknown flying objects is the huge Popocatepetl in Mexico.

There was intense activity on December 21, 1994, when the volcano was emitting a high level of magnetic energy. An unusual phenomenon occurred on 28 August. 184 large flashes of light appeared, and strangely, the electromagnetic emission rate of the Popocatepetl volcano dropped dramatically. It is believed that the flashes came from an unidentified object near the mouth of the volcano.The magnetic emission rate of the volcano fell by 70% after the succession of flashes.Had the UFO absorbed the energy of the volcano?

Another mysterious case occurred in December 19, 2000, when Alfonso Reyes took this amazing picture:

In the picture a bright object descends from the skies and makes a sharp upward turn towards the volcano. This is the same volcano where on February 14, 2001 a federal monitoring camera permanently pointed at the volcano recorded another intriguing moment.

And on February 14, 2003 there was a new "visit" to the active volcano. A powerful light, stronger than any other artificial light source we know of approached and was photographed by Eugenia Bustos.

In 1998, during the eruption of Colima volcano, Francisco Gusmão recorded video of another unidentified object that was seen crossing ejection plume with a temperature of over 400° C. The UFO was filmed travelling calmly through it.

Intriguingly, the following video shows what appears to be the same object flying around the same volcano in 1987:

In this other video from Japan, a strange light can be seen at the base of the volcano base. I think it may be a short circuit running through the cables, but the thing is repeated several times and I really have the slightest idea what the thing is that comes out of the mouth of the volcano at 4:40 mark. Especially because another just like it shoots out shortly after, which would be VERY unlikely in the case of a rock or something being ejected.

And back to Popocatepetl, we have that classic case of the monstrous objects estimated at over one kilometer in length entering the volcano at high speed. (it was also recorded leaving there, which nullifies the assumption that it could be a meteorite)

Could it be the same strange object which flew horizontally over the same volcano on February 21, 2013?

Another similar object entered the same volcano on December 9, 2013

Another volcano, this time in Peru also has its moments of fame when it became active and a foreign object was photographed by the Peruvian government when residents in the vicinity of the Ubinas volcano were evacuated.

The photo was published in Diário de Arequipas and was snapped by Marco Antonio Zeballos. Other strange sightings in the region took place in mid-2010.

In Chile, a UFO flew over the Villarica volcano and was recorded by Vicente Costan in the region between Puerto Mont and Puerto Varas.

Also in Chile, another appearance occurred near the Osorno Volcano in 2005.

Neighbouring communities of farmers reported strange lights with irregular movements, usually disappearing from view near the Osorno volcano. One such sighting was taken by Jorge Quinn when he spent his vacation near the site. The image was discovered only after his return to Santiago de Chile. The image shows a cigar-shaped UFO, one of the most commonly reported types of UFO. Southern Chile is regarded as a UFO "hot zone".

Another interesting photo was taken near the same volcano:

Due to the large number of sightings of UFOs appearing near volcanoes leads me to believe that there has to be a link, but what? One can only speculate, but they certainly cannot be terrestrial craft.

This image above shows a bright spot near the Popocatepetl in broad daylight, and is part of this video below, recorded on July 16, 2013:

Balls of light are the most common type of sighting, and are witnessed near many volcanoes, although they are quite common around Popocatepetl, they have also appeared in Sakurajima in Japan. This video was recorded in 2014:

A metallic flying disc was recorded In the vicinity of the Mount Mayon volcano in the Philippines:

We shouldn’t forget one interesting point - the modern era of flying saucers begins with pilot Kenneth Arnold’s sighting near Mount Rainier in Washington, which happens to be a stratovolcano.

Due to the large number of sightings of UFOs appearing near volcanoes leads me to believe that there has to be a link, but what? One can only speculate, but they certainly cannot be terrestrial craft.

Professor Higgins

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Re: UFOs and Volcanoes

Post by Your Mom on Sun May 03, 2015 10:46 pm

Interesting post, prof.
I remember that Popacatapetl one and was like wtf? I suppose if it was an interstellar craft it must have some sort of heat shielding to enter the atmosphere.
Your Mom

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Re: UFOs and Volcanoes

Post by everyone on Sun May 03, 2015 11:04 pm

A former coworker and friend of mine who is a retired college professor and now attempts to write sci-fi is of the impression that the UFOs have bases in volcanoes. The fact that he swears his barely-intelligible rough drafts are telepathically given to him by aliens might have something to do with his retirement, but that is pure conjecture.

I volunteered to help edit his first book and it didn't appear to have been written by a person with English as a first language, though he is well-spoken. I had to basically rewrite everything he had written. It was horrible. After that, I bowed out, claiming lack of time. I couldn't put myself through that torture a second time. That he asked me to edit anything shows a lack of judgement.

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Re: UFOs and Volcanoes

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