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the biggest conspiracy of all

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the biggest conspiracy of all

Post by Your Mom on Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:58 pm

Wankers and the wanking industry;

You could transpose the w for a b, but it changes nothing.

I remember in the 80s, when i was in Australia, the media harped on about tax evasion and the government's plan to combat it. At that moment. banks were not allowed to charge interest on personal banking as it was deemed that they earnt enough through fractional reserve lending.

Thanks to this initiative, led by by banking advocate Paul keating, banking laws were rescinded and reformed and every employee in Australia was mandated to open a bank account to receive their salary. A few months later, the banking laws  were deregulated and banks were then left unfettered by petty law. Millions of Australians were thus forced to open bank accounts and then the cunts introduced fees for services. Suddenly, the banking industry gained billions from previously unaccessable  peons. Win win for the banking industry and lose lose for the serfs. Democracy in action!

This is how the NWO operates; sell you a lie and then offer the solution. Australia is the proving ground of the NWO. NZ, unfortunately, was sold off in the 70s.
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